Carousel plant for sandwich walls

In colder and temperate climate zones sandwich walls are widely used for fast, efficient construction. The level of automation of the carousel plant can be designed individually to suit the customer's requirements.

Carousel plants for the manufacture of multi-layer, insulated solid walls, known as sandwich walls, may be automated to a greater or lesser degree, depending on requirements. The example shows a carousel plant with a moderate level of automation for the manufacture of four pallets per hour, with conventional staffing levels and higher, more consistent product quality.

A mesh welding plant for the manufacture of the bespoke mesh required and a magnetic traverse for the automatic insertion of the mesh are examples of automated stations. Increased automation can be achieved by using a shuttering and deshuttering robot, as well as an insulation material cutter, which cuts the required insulation automatically in accordance with the data transmitted by ebos®.

Precast concrete plants for the manufacture of sandwich walls are equipped with additional workstations for shuttering and reinforcing as well as a vibrating smoothing equipment and a power trowel for fine-smoothing the elements.

The three-layer concrete wall with internal core insulation is used as an exterior wall in combination with partition walls and solid floors.


Sandwich wall

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