Carousel plant for solid precast elements

Solid precast elements are used all over the world as a cost-effective method of construction. Carousel plants for the manufacture of solid walls and floors can be designed with a small, moderate or high level of automation to suit the customer's requirements.

Precast concrete plants for the manufacture of solid walls and floors are usually more complex than works, where semi-prefabricated parts are manufactured. More workstations for shuttering and reinforcing the pallets have to be provided and larger loads must be transported. A comprehensive shuttering system is required, together with a smoothing equipment.

The 3D model above shows a production plant, in which several production areas have been automated. This allows the plant to be operated with a low number of staff and ensures high product quality. Work is done at pre-determined stations and production planning optimised by using the ebos® control system.

In warmer regions the solid wall without any insulation is often used, but in all other regions a multi-layer, insulated solid wall, known as the sandwich wall, is used. Solid floors are connected to form the ceiling system.