Plant Design

When planning a precast concrete element plant there are many factors, which contribute to the success of the project. We are happy to advise you, in order to help you achieve the best possible results for your project.


Project Development

We have many years of experience in planning projects in complex precast concrete plants and in the operation of these plants. Therefore, we can propose tailor-made strategies to you, which will be focussed on your needs. We place the highest value on maximum plant efficiency and maximum efficiency in constructing projects. Because we are familiar with practice in the industry we can illustrate the costs and investment needed for the individual phases of your project.


We work with you and your team to define the degree of automation and thus we ensure that the project is designed for the greatest safety and highest efficiency. We determine the optimum staffing levels on the basis of the production capacity required. This guarantees the most cost-efficient, high production quality and at the same time minimises manufacturing errors.

  • Production planning and scheduling processes,  

  • machining and processing procedures,  

  • production, materials handling and logistics processes, 

 these can all be automated. This will both increase productivity and also increase overall cost effectiveness.


Together with you, we develop a concept for the finished layout of your plant, including the necessary associated infrastructure. In this way the overall machine technology with all the specific values, dimensions and information necessary for a smooth start to production is determined.

Machine testing

Prior to installation in your new production plant our experts put our machine and plant components through their paces in a system of trials and tests based on actual practice. As our customer you are, of course, invited to come and watch these test processes for yourself and to witness with your own eyes at the first glance the capacity and production quality of your machines.

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