The concrete spreader is used to spread the fresh concrete into the shuttered pallets, with the made to measure mesh already in place. It takes the concrete directly from the mixer or via a bucket conveyor and spreads this evenly to conform to the element contours and thicknesses; it can be controlled manually or automatically. The more accurately the concrete is spread, the higher the quality of the final end product. The ebos® control system supplies the data required for this to the concrete spreader. 

The integral bucket weighing system allows constant weighing of the concrete in the output bucket. The operator is always informed of the current situation and can request new concrete in good time.


Concrete spreader with auger discharge

The fresh concrete is fed out of the bucket with precision over the augers and the aperture in the appropriate closing flap. Discharge is controlled with such precision that unnecessary use of material is prevented.


Concrete spreader with spiked rollers and spacers

As an alternative to the augers system a concrete spreader with a spiked roller and spacers can be used. The spiked roller in the concrete bucket ensures that the concrete is spread evenly in the bucket and guarantees optimum supply to the apertures. These can be flexibly opened by the spacers, to ensure that the concrete is spread with precision.

Concrete spreader with segment gate

A concrete spreader with segment gate is used to pour fresh concrete into a battery mould. An external vibrator ensures that the bucket is completely emptied. The gate is opened hydraulically or electrically, or can be operated by radio control.

Concrete poured with precision

Optional manual or automatic control by ebos®

Bucket weighing prevents material bottlenecks and dead time