Shuttering & deshuttering robot

A fully automatic robotic system for manufacturing high quality precast concrete elements increases the level of automation within the production process. A storage robot selects the required shutters from the shuttering storage as directed by the CAD data transmitted by the ebos® control system. The shuttering robot next positions them with total precision on the mould surface, depending on the elements to be produced and then activates the integral magnets in the shutters.

On removal of the elements the deshuttering robot scans the shutters, identifies them and picks them up fully automatically. Next, they are automatically delivered to a system, where they are cleaned and provided with a release agent and finally sorted by length and deposited once more in the shuttering storage.


The Form Master is available for delivery:

  • for the production of lattice girder floors and double walls
  • for the production of solid floors, solid walls and sandwich elements
  • for combined production, which can be used for all kinds of precast parts

Scalable performance spectrum

To increase production output, the entire system can be equipped with one, two or three robots. Depending on the system, the pallet cleaning device can be fixed or mobile. The flexible machine layout makes the Form Master ideal for modernising your existing systems.


Advantages shuttering robots:

fully automated shuttering process, true to size positioning of the shutters, plotter and laser system

Advantages deshuttering robots:

fully automatic removal of the shutters, automatic feeding of the shutters to the cleaning system and shuttering storage