An ingenious carousel system with short transport paths guarantees a problem-free process for your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you and to help you find the ideal solution for your precast concrete plant. Production is entirely controlled and monitored by ebos®, as are all pallet movements. During production the pallet will travel the length and breadth of your works bearing the later final product.

The production pallets are transported longitudinally on fixed rollers using friction wheel drive. This allows the pallets to be moved from workstation to workstation.

The side-shifters take over the lateral transport of the pallets within the production line.

The pallets with the freshly concreted elements are stocked in and removed from a pallet rack by the pallet stacker.

Where a plant has a central shifter, this takes over the transport of the pallets to and from the different workstations.

Reduces cycle time

Optimises material flow

Control and monitoring of production by ebos®