Commissioning a precast concrete plant requires complex planning. We are happy to assist you in the various phases.

Architecture & Design

When you introduce precast concrete element technology, you encounter challenges with respect to the planning of your end products. We are happy to assist you with

  • the design,

  • monitoring

  • and implementation of a structural component as a precast part.

Our firm's expertise is thus employed for your benefit.

Start-up Assistance

Our experts accompany and support the commissioning and start-up of a new factory or company. Production starts in stages. During live operation we train your employees and together we develop quality standards. If it is necessary, our experienced precast experts will also continue to support customers in the start of production in the longer term on site at a new precast concrete plant.

Optimise your production

We recommend that the processes should be tested several months after the start-up of a plant, so that adjustments can be undertaken. We are happy to offer this service to established firms wanting to optimise their production.

Precast concrete know-how

Our precast experts advise and train you in creating optimum production conditions in your company. It is our aspiration to create, together with you, good starting conditions for your production. In this way you achieve your targets with respect to quality, capacity and customer satisfaction.