Stationary Production Plants

Stationary production is usually performed with the following types of mould systems:

  • fixed and tilting tables 

  • vertical battery moulds 

  • moulds for elements such as girders, columns, roof coverings both with standard and with pre-stressed reinforcement

  • moulds for 3D elements.

Stationary production makes possible extreme flexibility in the production area with low investment, even where production areas are reduced, keeps maintenance costs low and facilitates ease of operation. 

The production process

The production process in stationary production involves several consecutive stages:

  • Cleaning of the mould surfaces
  • Application of release agent
  • Placement of the reinforcement into the mould and any accessory components or installations
  • Preparation of the mould for the concreting phase (closing the moulds, tensioning the braids in case of manufacture of pre-stressed elements, etc.)
  • Concreting phase, which can be performed both with gantry cranes and with concrete spreaders
  • Vibration compaction to remove the residual air in the concrete and to improve the precast element surface
  • Curing phase with possible use of heating systems, in order to speed up the process
  • After curing, the moulds are opened or the separating moulds are removed in order to demould the precast element from the mould.
  • The precast panel is lifted to remove it from the mould.
  • Storage in the area prepared