Clean pallets guarantee a high quality for the end products without subsequent post-processing. Prior to the start of a production cycle the pallet is passed through a cleaning device, in order to clean the mould surface. Residues on the mould surface and the side shuttering are efficiently removed and a consistently high surface quality for the finished product is ensured.


Efficient cleaning for high quality end products

The pallet cleaning device performs preliminary cleaning when the pallet passes through it. In this process any concrete residues, which have stuck, are removed with a tilting spatula or a brush located at the front. Rotating lateral round brushes clean the side shuttering and a roller brush is used for precision cleaning of the mould surface.


Designed to customer request

The pallet cleaning device is available in stationary and mobile versions. As an option, extra disc brushes and a suction extraction system may also be used. Further options, such as a hopper to collect the residual concrete or fitting the machine with a lifting unit are possible.

Reliably removes residue 

Consistently high surface quality for the finished product

Design varies to suit customer requirements