Complete modernisation

There are various options for modernising your plant. Do you require advice on how you can increase production efficiency or expand your portfolio? Talk to us and together we will develop answers to your questions.

Our portfolio includes: 

  • renovation of existing production plants, 

  • replacement of individual machine components, 

  • modernisation of complete works. 

We offer you cutting edge technology and support you with our many years of experience. If, when you are planning new works, you are already anticipating expanding them, early in the planning phase we provide various expansion stages and design individual plant components in such a way that subsequent expansion or adaptation to other end products can be achieved without complications.

Control system replacement

We support you in the replacement of control systems for your precast concrete plant. Comprehensive systems solutions make it possible to adapt the control technology to your requirements. In this way you achieve the appropriate degree of automation. We work with the most up to date PC-based "Made in Germany" control technology.

We also offer software solutions for processing rebar, control systems and ERP systems for the manufacture of precast concrete elements.

Replacement of individual components

Do you have machines and production components, which you would really like to refurbish? By replacing individual components you achieve higher requirements in production capacity or a higher degree of automation. 

We are happy to advise you in your planning. Talk to us

References, which speak for themselves



High-automized production plant for double walls and lattice girder floors

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High-automized precast plant with multi-storey warehouse

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Precast plant for double walls and lattice girder floors

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Carousel plant for efficient lattice girder production

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