During the production process solid precast concrete elements need to be smoothed.

To achieve a very fine, smooth concrete surface, which can be painted without further processing, the freshly poured and compressed concrete must be scraped off and smoothed. This is done with smoothing equipment with configured external vibrators. After a rest phase and the curing of the concrete surface the next phase, if required, is fine smoothing with a power trowel.

Once concreting and the subsequent compaction have been carried out, the fresh upper surface is scraped off and smoothed by means of vibrating smoothing equipment. Configured external vibrators make additional compaction possible, depending on the depth of the concrete layer. The vibration smoothing equipment is available as a ground-driven or as a bridge configuration or mounted on the concrete spreader.

If required a power trowel, attached to a height-adjustable gantry, semi-gantry or bridge, is then used for the fine smoothing. After preliminary smoothing of the concrete surface by a trowel, a rotating power trowel performs the fine smoothing. The result is a very finely smoothed concrete surface, which can be painted and which needs no further processing.

Optimises compaction of the concrete surface

Smoothes the elements finely

Further processing is unnecessary