Battery moulds

Battery moulds for precast concrete elements offer maximum productivity in minimum space. The battery moulds have been designed for vertical concreting of individual concrete panels and floor elements in various sizes and thicknesses. The system consists of several vertical chambers and can therefore produce various elements simultaneously.

Thanks to high quality surface of used casting plate the concrete elements are characterized by smooth surfaces on both sides. High frequency vibrators ensure efficient compaction of the freshly poured concrete. On customer request the battery moulds are fitted with heating systems to accelerate the curing of the concrete. The flexibility in placing the vertical and horizontal shutters allows precast concrete elements to be produced in various sizes. Other additional shutters make it possible to manufacture wall elements with apertures, such as doors and windows. Battery moulds can be filled from above or through the side by a pump system.

Opening systems

The respective chambers can be accessed by two different wall opening systems: hydraulically driven or electric-mechanical driven.

Additional shutters – fixing by magnets

Shutters for windows and doors as well as side shuttering are fixed magnetically.

Flexibility in size

Wall elements can be produced according to individual specification.

Single or double form

Our battery moulds can be manufactured as single or double packet moulds with a fixed central tensioning wall. The number of chambers is determined according to customer demand and based on the required production output.

Efficiency – high productivity on small area

Quality – first-class state of surface of the finished precast elements

Additional equipment – concrete spreader, formliners for surface design of elements