Freshly applied concrete must be compacted to ensure the high quality of the final product with exactly shaped edges and borders. The concrete is compacted after being applied on the production pallet. Depending on customer request and final product for this process, compaction equipment which moves horizontally or vertically has been developed, as well as a combined design, allowing movement in both directions.

There are basically two options for the compaction of freshly applied concrete: compaction on the vertical plane or compaction on the horizontal plane.

The pallet with the compaction equipment on the vertical plane lies on vibration sets, which have high-frequency vibrators. These are tightened by means of clamps on the pallet and thus transmit the vibration energy to the pallet. This results in intensive compaction of the concrete.

The pallet with the compaction equipment on the horizontal plane is induced to oscillate by a specially developed drive system. This allows low-noise horizontal compaction on the x-axis (transverse movement), y-axis (longitudinal movement) or the x- and y-axes (circular vibration).

We also offer our customers combined compaction equipment, which can compact both vertically (z-axis) and horizontally (x- and y-axes). This allows the operator the highest degree of flexibility to suit the required final product.

Optimum compaction of freshly applied concrete

High quality of the final product

Effective reduction of air pockets