Freshly concreted elements must cure, before they can be transported to the warehouse or to the construction site. The most effective method of curing is in a pallet rack, which can be operated by a fully automatic pallet stacker.

Pallet stackers, equipped with the ebos® control system, allow the pallets to be fully automatically stored in and removed from a pallet rack.

The pallets with the freshly concreted elements are stored in a pallet rack until the concrete is cured. This is achieved fully automatically by a pallet stacker controlled by ebos®. For optimum use of the hall space the pallets stacked in racks one above the other. The stacker lifts the pallets to the required bay and stacks and destacks the pallets.

Different pallet stackers are used to accommodate the design of the plant and the customer's individual requirements. If required, the pallet rack can be fitted with a heating system.

Stacking and destacking fully automated by ebos® 

Optimum use of the warehouse space

Computer-controlled curing ensures short processing times