If high production flexibility with maximum adaptability to new requirements is demanded in a plant, the optimum plant design is a carousel system via a central shifter. With stationary manufacture the high flexibility in production becomes predominant and output becomes relatively low. Highly automated carousel systems, on the other hand, are characterised by high efficiency with low flexibility.


The central shifter transports the production pallets and serves work areas, which operate chronologically independently of each other. The advantage of such a carousel principle lies in the associated high degree of flexibility enabling it to respond to various demands. This system allows compliance with different cycle times. 

As an option, central shifters can be designed with a lifting unit. This allows them, as well as transporting the pallets between the individual workstations, to do the work of a pallet stacker and stack the pallets in a rack for curing or destack them.

Alternative carousel concept

Both flexible and efficient

Highly adaptable to changed requirements