Precast system for Indonesia - Successful earthquake simulation test

The Pacific Ring of Fire is a volcanic belt, which rings the Pacific Ocean on three sides for a length of over 40,000 km. The friction of the tectonic plates makes this region a zone of frequent earthquakes, which in recent past have caused large numbers of buildings to collapse and this is a permanent threat for the people living here. Indonesia with a population of more than 250 millions inhabitants and millions of tourists, each year, is one of the most severely affected countries. It was very important for the leading property developer, PT Modernland, which is a member of the Modernland Group and has recently entered the field of precast concrete element production, to make the topic of earthquake-proof construction a central aspect in the planning of its new precast concrete element premises and of its overall projects. As well as planning for the eventuality, the company insisted on an actual seismic simulation on a test building at a construction material testing laboratory in Bandung. The goal was to analyze the behavior of the house under extreme high seismic activity, in order to be able to offer its customers a safe precast concrete element house or construction system with loadbearing walls in the future.

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