Ireland‘s state-of-the-art precast concrete plant starts production

Kilsaran International, Ireland‘s largest producer of concrete products, recently invested in a new carousel plant for precast concrete element production at its Kilcullen site. This enables the production of double walls and lattice girder floors as well as solid and insulated finished elements. James Murphy, the Business Development Manager at Kilsaran explains: „We manufacture our products to suit the Irish market and not to suit our plant.“

Automation in each individual step of production
The high degree of automation was the crucial key to their choice of the PROGRESS GROUP to supply equipment for their plant. A robotic system comprising warehouse, shuttering and deshuttering robots lays the shutters from the Infinity Line® Notch-free shuttering system completely automatically. A gripping tool also allows magnets for power sockets to be positioned and the Mesh Spacer automatically positions spacers for the mesh on the pallet.

Innovative gripper traverse for bent mesh
The M-System BlueMesh® mesh welding plant also manufactures special bent bespoke mesh as well as conventional mesh. To further transport bent mesh, an ingenious logistics concept uses fully automated special grippers, which place the finished mesh in the warehouse or directly into the shuttered pallet.

Ingenious carousel components and software package
The new eCon Drive® concrete spreader takes over and speeds up concrete output; it fills the pallets automatically and in addition, its precision in dosing also economises on concrete. Kilsaran are introducing an insulation material cutter with a 3D cutting head, which also performs threedimensional cutting by water jet cutting. In matters of software as well as ebos® Kilsaran has also opted for stabos, a software solution for the compilation and evaluation of production data.

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