One of the biggest automated precast plants in Hungary started production

Viastein - Bayer is one of the most famous construction companies on the Hungarian market and has now invested significantly in automation and the fitting software as well as the innovative building system for some of the most advanced precast concrete products available on the worldwide market. Therefore, the company sets new standards and has invested in a bright future.


Building and securing the future with automation: Belonging to the 100% Hungarian-owned Bayer Construct group of companies, Viastein Kft., in addition to its existing paving stone factory, started production in its precast concrete element plant equipped with the most modern technology at the Biharkeresztes Industrial Park, located in the south-east of Hungary. Thanks to the investment, the costs of construction projects and the construction time are significantly reduced, because the assembly of the building itself can become much more efficient. With its 20,000-square-meter production hall, the newly commissioned unit is the largest automated plant in Hungary. The investment created 220 new jobs in the region. Built on a total area of 14 hectares, the plant enables the production of 60,000 m³ of elements and the construction of 2,000 apartments and 3-400 family houses.

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The fullfillment of the customers´ needs, in a way, in which the productivity and quality remains on the highest level, is impressive.

Kovács Zsolt, Managing Director of Viastein Kft.