Multi-function plant increases output and quality

At the Schneider precast concrete plant in northern Baden-Württemberg, a new production plant for lattice girder floors, double walls with and without insulation as well as solid walls recently went into operation. The equipping of the plant was entrusted to PROGRESS GROUP; the planning was undertaken by Reymann Technik.

Automated prefabrication of rebar
The pallets in the new Schneider plant are positioned by a fully automated robotic system comprising warehouse, shuttering and deshuttering robots. A MSR 16 Multirotor straightening/cutting machine and a Wire Centre robotics system are some of the machines installed to automate the bespoke mesh production. As well as positioning straight wires, the Wire Centre also lays lattice girders according to CAD data and places spacers on the wires as required. Manual post-shuttering work can be performed by means of a precise, accurate laser projection system.

Carousel technology for every prefabricated product
For concreting the newly developed eCon Drive® is used. The concrete spreader extrudes more rapidly, doses more accurately and runs completely automatically. For the compaction of double walls beneath the turning equipment two compaction devices are also available to the customer. A vibration compaction system with individual vibrating frames serves to introduce the insulation and thermal anchors into the pre-compacted concrete mass.

Once the elements in the pallet rack have been cured and the pallets have been automatically swapped by a pallet stacker, turning equipment stands by to manufacture the double walls and tilting equipment extracts the wall elements. Floor elements are removed by means of a shear demoulding crane. A run-off carriage with three transverse carriages manoeuvres underneath the stacked units resting on supports, hoists these and transports them to the open depot. This innovative plant also uses the ebos® software solution. With the new module Dynamic Smart Production Cockpit (large screens with display of CAD plans) a paperless production process is made possible.



Increased productivity and quality
Robert Ohliger, Managing Director of Schneider, appears to be extremely satisfied with the cooperation with PROGRESS GROUP: "The high degree of automation of the multi-function plant has enabled us to achieve very good productivity and also to expand our product portfolio. The flexible system allows us to react quickly to a changing order situation and to achieve shorter construction times for our customers, from whom we consistently receive positive feedback."