Run-off carriage & storage system

Once they have been removed from the mould surface the finished wall and floor elements are ready to be transported to the open depot. Depending on the purpose we offer various models and complete solutions, which allow our fully automatic storage systems to be tailor-made to suit each customer's requirements. Storage is managed by the Storage Control module of the ebos® control system.

The Storage Control module from the ebos® control system ensures the control of stocks, the traceability of all elements and optimises storage and delivery times. The requirement in storage space and staffing can thus be minimised and errors prevented.

The fully automatic storage system is introduced seamlessly into our customers' logistics concept and supports the optimum supply of construction sites with precast concrete panels.

Conventional run-off carriage

The run-off carriage is used to pick up the finished floors and wall elements. The finished precast parts can be transported to the open depot singly on the run-off carriage or in transport racks.

Run-off carriage with transverse drive

The integrated transverse carriages depart from the run-off carriage and drive under the element stacks or transport racks placed on support trestles. The element stacks or transport racks are transported onto the run-off carriage, set down and moved into the store by means of a lifting movement.

Computer-controlled storage management

Optimises storage and delivery time

Minimises work space and human resources