The plotter draws the outlines of the concrete elements on the cleaned pallet mould surface, to which release agent has been applied. For the shuttering process, the plotter offers the convenience of a moderate level of automation. As an alternative and to increase automation, a robotics system can be used.

Dimensional accuracy through ebos®

Before the elements are concreted the shutters must be placed on the pallet. ebos® converts the data provided by the CAD and sends these to the plotter. The plotter draws the outlines for the concrete elements, built-in parts, etc. with total precision onto the pallet mould surface. 
The environmentally-friendly, water-soluble ink is applied with a paint sprayer.

Suitable solutions for your requirements

Depending on the design required (gantry construction or bridge girder), the plotter can also be used as a workstation for manual positioning of the shutters. If your production needs a higher level of automation, a more efficient model is a robotic system for placing or removing the shutters.

Precision drawing of the outlines

Visual representation of the plotting process on screen

Moderate automation level