Pallet rack and heating technology

The freshly concreted elements are transported on production pallets to cure on a pallet rack. If required, the pallet rack can be equipped with a heating system.

The precast concrete elements can be stored in a minimum of space on the pallet rack and cured under controlled environmental conditions to the best possible standard. In addition, the pallet rack is enclosed by a curing chamber as an outer casing. The curing chamber comprises sandwich panels with heat-insulating core material.

The heating system installed in the pallet rack uses hot air to accelerate curing of the concrete elements. By installing an air duct system within the pallet rack the temperature can be distributed over all the levels at an almost consistently steady rate. The process can be controlled and monitored to best advantage by the ebos® control system.

Optimum curing of precast concrete elements

Space- and time-saving solution

Room temperature and air humidity controlled by ebos® control system