Depending on customer requirements and the type of element a demoulding crane can also be used as an alternative to the tilting equipment for the safe removal of concrete elements. It is used once the concrete elements are cured and destacked from the pallet rack.

The demoulding crane offers the possibility of removing lattice girder floors and double walls from the production pallets across several mounting points. Depending on the type of element this can be carried out horizontally or vertically.

To lift lattice girder floors the hooks on the demoulding crane are lowered on to the surface of the element and clipped into the lattice girders. This allows the element to be removed and transported to the required destacking station.

For horizontal removal of double walls the relevant hooks are swung out and placed under the outer skin of the double wall. The element is then lifted and transported.

The advantages of lifting elements with a demoulding crane lie in being able to remove the precast parts earlier, resulting in a shorter processing time in the production flow, while at the same time this ensures the high quality of the end product.

Lifts elements safely

Operator-friendly removal and ease of transport

Quality assurance for the end products