Cleaning & release agent spraying device for shutters

To guarantee long life expectancy for the shutters their profiles and magnets must be well maintained. This includes cleaning and wetting with a suitable release agent prior to each new production cycle.This ensures that the shutters are always cleaned before the next operation and a release agent is applied.

Cleaning of the shutters

The shutters are cleaned automatically in a continuous flow process, in which wire brushes clean the outer surface and the underside. A hopper guides any debris into a container or onto a debris conveyor belt.

Applying release agent to the shutters

Once the shutters have been cleaned, they pass through an automatic system, which applies a suitable release agent. The release agent is applied to all the external sides and to the contact surfaces for the magnets. Suction extraction can optionally be used to clean the resulting oil mist.

Clean surfaces on the end products

High product quality

Long life expectancy for the shutters