Automatic stirrup benders

Automatic stirrup benders Automatic stirrup benders

EBA-Line automatic stirrup benders are sturdy, compact and high-performance. A system for quick wire changeover and automatic changeover from processing of double strand to single strand and the automatic setting of the straightening rate ensure high productivity, while the robust bending system ensures precision. A 3D bending system for manufacturing three-dimensional stirrups is also available. If the EBA is combined with a run-off, production with or without bending becomes possible.

Flexible and adjustable to customer requirements 

A wide range of production possibilities

EBA series

EBA-Line automatic stirrup benders are easy to operate and feature integrated, high-quality control allowing extremely high performance and precision.

Technical data

 EBA 12EBA 14EBA 16EBA 16 Plus

EBA 20
ADC system

Diameter range single wire4 - 12 mm (#4)5 - 14 mm (#4)5 - 16 mm (#5)5 - 16 mm (#5)10 - 20 mm (#6)
Diameter range double wire6 - 10 mm (#3)6 - 10 mm (#3)6 - 12 mm (#4)6 - 12 mm (#4)10 - 16 mm (#5)
Max. feed rate160 m/min. (525 ft/min.)160 m/min. (525 ft/min.)160 m/min. (525 ft/min.)160 m/min. (525 ft/min.)140 m/min. (460 ft/min.)
Power unitElectric servo-drive
(no hydraulics)
Electric servo-drive
(no hydraulics)
Electric servo-drive
(no hydraulics)
Electric servo-drive
(no hydraulics)
Electric servo-drive
(no hydraulics)
Automatic change of wire diameteroptionaloptionaloptionaloptionalinclusive 


Automatic stirrup bender and straightening machine in one – Pluristar

The Pluristar is an automatic stirrup bender, straightener, and double-bending machine in one. It can process wire diameters of 6 – 16 mm. The heart of the Pluristar is the combined straightening system consisting of a roller straightening unit and a rotor straightening unit. This unique combination allows the flexible manufacture of stirrups, straight rebars, and rebars with large bends using just a single machine. Depending upon the given product, the suitable straightening unit is inserted fully automatically. The wire is changed fully automatically or manually, as required. The Pluristar can also be equipped with a 3D bending system allowing not only 2-dimensional, but also 3-dimensional stirrups to be produced.

Technical features

Wire processingfrom coil
Wire diameters6 - 16 mm
Wire diameter changeoverfully automatic
Drive typeelectric servo-drive (no hydraulics) 
Max. feeding rate160 m/min.
Data input keyboard / network / USB / bar code 
Production options stirrup mode or rotor mode 

Run-off process

Run-off models 2BK-16ETIOT
Single-strand diameters6 - 16 mm6 - 16 mm6 - 16 mm
Double-strand diameters 6 - 12 mm6 - 12 mm/
Central clamping unit YesNoNo
Automatic bending diameter optionaloptional/
Producer countries customisedcustomisedcustomised
Bending angle +180°C/-180°+180°C/-90°+180°/-90°, z-shaped