Environmentally friendly - Precast system with lower CO2 footprint

Thomas Betong, belonging to the Swedish Thomas Concrete Group, has opened a precast plant in Heby near Stockholm. The carousel plant was supplied by EBAWE Anlagentechnik. The new factory produces prefabricated double walls and slabs tailor-made to meet specific applications, with electrical installations, wiring and pipework, all put in place on an assembly line before the casting process begins. After a controlled curing process in the master computer controlled curing chamber, the prefabricated elements are then delivered to the building site, where they are mounted. This construction method is rational, simple and fast, giving shorter build times than conventional methods. The plant in Heby can produce precast, reinforced double walls and slabs in volumes sufficient to build approximately 4,000 new apartments per year. “The Heby plant enables us to meet the needs of the market and to help solve housing shortages,” says Hans Karlander, CEO of Thomas Concrete Group.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Thomas Betong has a strong focus on environmental responsibility and works hard to reduce their long term environmental impact in all local and global processes. In 2016, Thomas Betong launched a unique sustainable building system under the brand name Thomas Miljöstomme®, with a 30 % lower CO2 footprint than conventional methods. The system is based on prefabricated walls, slabs and balconies in combination with ready-mix concrete. The precast double walls and precast slabs are produced in the carousel plant provided by EBAWE. “The investment into the Heby factory was an essential next step in the Group’s efforts to broaden its customer offering and is in harmony with society’s high ambitions for increased sustainable construction.” states Carina Edblad, CEO of Thomas Betong AB.