CRH invests in precast concrete element production

With a wide range in its product portfolio Prefaco, a company in the CRH Structural Concrete Belgium consortium, is one of the largest manufacturers of precast concrete elements on the Belgian market. At a total of four production sites pre-stressed and loosely reinforced lattice girder floors, double and solid walls and structural precast concrete elements are manufactured. Prefaco is also the distributor for Calduran sand lime bricks. Because of the boom, which construction in prefabricated concrete sections has been experiencing for several years now in the Benelux countries, Prefaco decided on a modernisation of the carrousel system at the Wieze (Lebbeke) site in Eastern Flanders. „Our master computer was old, the system was not automated, and the shutters had to be placed manually. All this had consequences for the quality of the products - it was time to invest, in order to cope with the high quality requirements, “ explains Prefaco‘s Project Manager, Jean Pierre Van Renterghem.

Automation package

The company has been able to achieve these goals by installing an automation package, comprising a shuttering and de-shuttering Form Master robot, the Infinity Line® combination system and the ebos® control system. „Thanks to Infinity Line® our elements now have perfect outer edges and at the same time we have been able to drastically reduce the use of polystyrene extensions,“ says a satisfied Van Renterghem, adding that savings are also considerable.