Schwörer Bausysteme focuses on modernisation in the precast plant

Schwörer Bausysteme GmbH produces quality cellars, slab floors, precast stairs, special concrete parts, prefabricated garages and steel structures for commercial, industrial and residential construction in Haigerloch-Stetten. Quite recently, automation in the precast concrete plant was driven forward significantly by installing further equipment from progress Maschinen & Automation AG, a company of the Progress Group. The new FormMaster combines the functions of formwork, demoulding and storage robots in one system and moreover takes the job of fully automatic setting magnets and built-in components.

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New precast element production facility near Gdańsk

EBAWE Anlagentechnik and Progress Maschinen & Automation, both PROGRESS GROUP subsidiaries, just recently installed one of the most modern precast element production facilities in the whole of Poland close to Gdańsk. The cutting-edge factory is state-of-the-art in terms of internationally available technology. The production hall erected for this purpose is composed of two levels. On the lower level, a carousel system is located for manufacturing element floors and double walls with or without insulation plus traditional walls as an add-on product. On the upper level, the totally automated reinforcement area can be found. This is made up of a lattice girder welding unit, mesh welding unit and magnetic lifting beam. Pekabex is well equipped for all possible demands from the local market with this cutting-edge machine technology.

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