Modernisation of Second Factory

The long-established firm of Geelen Beton produces high-quality solid walls, lattice girder floors and insulated ceilings at two sites. Following the construction of a new carousel system in Wanssum in 2016, the building materials manufacturer has now invested in the new build of another hall at the main Posterholt site. An ingenious carousel concept from EBAWE for manufacturing optimised lattice girder floors was installed. The focus was also on automation at this site also. By means of a gripping tool, the FormMaster shuttering robot also places magnets for the positioning of power sockets. A new feature is that, after the finished element is removed from the pallet surface, the robot also automatically removes the magnets.

A further highlight is the new ebos® Dynamic Smart Production Cockpit module. As well as the necessary information on the reinforcement, additional information, for example on product and end customer, is displayed on each of two large screens at the post shuttering, reinforcing, concreting and deshuttering workstations. In this way the production staff are always kept up to date and paperless work is guaranteed.