Carousel plant and reinforcement

Predalco, Belgium, has been active as a small producer of lattice girder floors, called “predalles” since 2011. With the start of the first major carousel plant for the production of lattice girder floors, Predalco started an impressive development path turning it into one of the country’s leading lattice girder floors producers with 45 employees in total, and a daily production capacity of up to 3,000 sqm. Only a few months ago, Predalco started its second carousel plant by EBAWE and is making a considerable impact on the Belgian market. Following a positive experience with the first carousel plant that was opened in 2011, Predalco in 2018 chose its second carousel plant just as a copy of the first plant but aimed to bring in more automation in the steel reinforcement processing by adding a straightening and bending machine MSR 16 and a lattice girder welding and handling machine VGA Versa, which represents the best in flexible, just-in-time production.

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